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Using Online System

 Using Online System

This User Guide is designed to assist you with our web quotation system if for any reason further assistance is required please telephone us on 01902 375559 or alternatively e mail  info@barninsurance.com 




Select ‘New Quote’ from the toolbar at the top of the screen

Select the ‘Building Type’ from the drop-down list.

When you click on the box for your name, the Essential Information/ Statements Facts’ will appear please confirm at the bottom of this page that you can agree with this statement as it will form the basis of the insurance contract between us.

Complete all of the questions using the free-type boxes, drop-down lists and check boxes. Make sure that you type the post code in the correct format e.g. WV7 3AU, using the space between the first and second parts. The Address finder uses the Royal Mail system and provides a list of all of the addresses for the post code.

Once all of the information is entered click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page. If critical information has been missed pop-up messages will guide you.

On the following page you will then be required to answer the ‘Subsidence’ declaration and if you are in a known flood area you will be required to answer the ‘Flood’ declaration

The premium appears and the quotation can be saved using the Save Quote’ button located at the bottom of the quotation screen. This will create a unique reference number and store the quotation. The quotation can be printed using the ‘Print Quote’ button

The quotation can be edited using the ‘Risk Details’ button at the bottom of the screen. If any amendments to the quotation are made then the ‘Save Quote’ button must be clicked to save the changes


How to obtain cover on a quotation


Cover can be requested when a risk is first quoted or from a previously saved quotation.

When a new quotation is calculated click the ‘Save Quote’ button at the bottom of the screen, the quote is saved and a unique reference number is allocated. At the bottom of the screen click the ‘Cover Requested’ button. A new screen opens, enter the start date in the box (cover cannot pre-date the calendar date, but can be up to 30 days ahead). If you require Barninsurance.com to produce the Policy Documentation then check the relevant box. You will also see that your policy number has been allocated; you will also be able to download the policy wording, policy schedule and invoice.


Refund of Debit/Credit card payment


Please note; you have the right to cancel your policy and receive a full refund of any payment you made to us by means of your Debit or Credit card providing this is received by us within 7 days of the date cover commenced and has been requested by you in writing to us by e mail at info@barninsurance.com  cancellation of polices after this period will be on a pro-rata basis.


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